ValJoly Retro Drive in: the Avesnois automobile event returns

On July 13, the ValJoly Retro Drive in returns for a second edition that promises to be memorable. Located on the shores of the largest lake in the North, this event is a must for all classic and American car enthusiasts. Discover the activities planned for the day.


Gathering of American and vintage cars

Mythical cylinders and old-school stands await you on the shores of the largest lake in the North.


Rock concert – Fogerty Spirit

It’s time to rock out with Fogerty Spirit, to the rhythm of “creedence Clearwater revival” songs.


Oldest “Joly” car contest


America’s “Jolyest” car contest


Joly” pin-up contest

Want to shine like a star of yesteryear? Join the pin-up contest by sending an e-mail and become the star of the day!

Register for the pin-up contest


Stunt show – Star Happy

Jeffy STARS, international stunt champion, accompanied by his charming assistant Emy STARS. This irresistible duo takes us through a series of balancing acts.


Rock concert – Trouble Dose

Blues Rock cover and composition; guitar/vocals, bass, drums, keyboard, brass.


Film Drive in – Grease 1

Drive-in screening of Grease 1.

In a setting combining the charm of lakes and the serenity of forests, this event recreates a retro American atmosphere. Mark your calendars for July 13 and join us for a journey back in automotive time!